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Low cost doesn’t mean low quality or substandard equipment.  Our clinic uses a 1.5 T GE MRI scanner. It is a short bore scanner that fits patients up to 350 pounds. The majority of modern MRI systems are 1.5 Tesla and provide excellent images and superior comfort during the exam. The scanner is open at both ends for maximum comfort. Its advanced technology eliminates the need to reposition the patient and means shorter exam times.

Our MRI Services

Our services include the MRI Scan, a radiologist report within 24 hours, a CD with the images, and if requested, and a personalized savings estimate.

MRI procedures are approximately 30-45 minutes in length dependent upon the type of examination and patient comfort. Each examination is tailored to the physician’s requests and the patient’s needs.

We provide a wide range of MRI services with our MRI equipment,  including knee MRI, brain MRI, spinal MRI, shoulder MRI, and many other areas detailed here