Northwest MRI Delivers Top Quality MRI Scans

Northwest MRI is Oregon Owned and Operated,  Using American Doctors via Tele-medicine and

We deliver outstanding service to doctor’s offices, clinics, chiropractors and patients.

We ensure you get a high quality MRI Scan, in 24 hours, with a radiology report included at an affordable price.

Basic MRI Scan

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An MRI is a painless diagnostic test that uses a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images of the structuresinside the body without surgery or radiation.  Our clinic uses a 1.5 T GE MRI scanner. It is a short bore scanner that fits patients up to 350 pounds. The majority of modern MRI systems are 1.5 Tesla and provide excellent images and superior comfort during the exam. The scanner is open at both ends for maximum comfort. Its advanced technology eliminates the need to re-position the patient and means shorter exam times.

Advanced MRI Scan with Contrast

As good as a standard MRI image is, the image can be improved even further by adding contrast. Contrast is injected intravenously into your vein right before the MRI exam.  Your doctor will request this if needed.

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