Affordable Knee MRI in Oregon

In conjunction with conventional x-rays, MRI is usually the best choice for examining the body’s major joints like the knee.

The examination is typically performed to diagnose or evaluate:

  • Knee pain, weakness, swelling or bleeding in the tissues in and around the joint
  • Damaged cartilage, meniscus, ligaments or tendons
  • Sports-related knee injuries, such as sprains, torn ligaments and torn tendons
  • Bone fractures that may not be visible on x-rays and other imaging tests
  • Degenerative joint disorders, such as arthritis
  • Build-up of fluid in the knee joint
  • Infections (such as osteomyelitis)
  • Tumors (primary tumors and metastases) involving bones and joints
  • A feeling that your knee is giving away at the joint
  • Decreased motion of the knee joint
  • Knee cap injury or pain
  • Complications related to implanted surgical devices

Your doctor may also order an MRI to determine if knee arthroscopy or another surgical procedure is needed, and to monitor your progress after knee surgery.

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