MRI Medical Imaging

We have a genuine desire to keep our health care services and MRI Medical Imaging affordable to everyone. Since we are an independent MRI clinic, we are not part of a hospital and limit third party billing whenever possible. We can afford to charge individuals less than a hospital or large imaging center because we pay less for office space, utilities, and other business related expenses.

MRI Scans

Basic MRI Medical Imaging

An MRI scan is a painless diagnostic test that uses a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images of the structures inside the body without surgery or radiation.  MRI technology can “see” inside the bones as well as provide a clear picture of soft tissues and organs. MRI imaging is used to image every part of the body, and is particularly useful for tissues such as the brain, muscle, connective tissue, and tumors.

Advanced MRI Medical Imaging

As good as a standard MRI image is, the image can be improved even further by adding contrast. Contrast is dye that is injected intravenously into your vein right before the MRI scan.

The MRI Medical Imaging service includes:

  • MRI scan by our Board certified Technologists
  • CD of the MRI scan images for viewing and consultation
  • Radiologist report of your MRI scan within 24 hours

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