We are very sorry that we are currently unable to take any patients at this time.  We are working to replace our MRI machine, a long and complicated process, and do not yet have a date when we will be able to reopen.  It is likely that it will be at least another few months.  If you need an MRI, you will need to find an alternate provider at this time.

If you need patient records, please email us at scans@northwestmri.com.  Include the patient name, date of service and your contact information. If you are not the patient or the referring doctor, please include a release, signed by the patient.  We will process all request within 14 days.

Flat Rate Pricing – Including Radiology Report

No Hidden Fees!- Many MRI Providers will tack on additional charges for providing the Radiology Report.  That service is included in our flat rate price.

We’ve Provided Thousands of Affordable MRI Scans Since 2010!

Northwest MRI is Oregon owned and operated, and we use only American Radiologists to help lower our cost to you.  We operate out of a more affordable location, in Lebanon Oregon.  Our pricing includes the radiology report by our board certified radiologist, so there are no surprises!

Standard MRI Scan$599

Price Includes
Radiology Report!

Standard MRI Scan$1200

Insurance Billed

MRI Scan with Contrast$799

Price Includes
Radiology Report!

MRI Scan with Contrast$1400

Insurance Billed

With or without insurance, you will get a quality exam, a top radiologists report, caring, friendly service, and super savings.  To get a more unbiased opinion on the cost of an MRI, check out the Bernard Health Blog, which includes the Healthcare Bluebook link.  Also this USA Today and Forbes Article.


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What is Included?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Board certified radiologist
  • Board certified technologist
  • Custom MRI scan on disk and online for your doctor
  • Custom radiology report
  • Same day appointments
  • Professional service
  • 24 hr. turn-around

How are your prices so low?

First and foremost, we have a genuine desire to keep our health care services affordable for everyone. Because of this desire, we’ve built our business model centered on low fixed costs (low overhead). We have also developed business systems and processes that allow us to keep costs to our patients down with low MRI pricing plans.

“Now wait a minute, the average cost of an MRI is $1900 and you’re only charging $600? That’s like opening up a gas station and charging only $1.00 per gallon when all the other stations are charging $3.00. I’m very concerned my gas will be watered down at $1.00 per gallon. Sounds too good to be true . . . should I be concerned?”

Northwest MRI IS a very progressive Medical Imaging resource for the west coast. There are many imaging centers on the east coast that are providing MRI exams for similar pricing and this model is progressively moving out west. The new health care paradigm is for the patient (you), to be far more in control of the cost and payment of your own health care. Albeit, the initial cost and operation of a suitable MRI system is not small, providing more affordable scans to patients is very doable and economically sound. When you use Northwest MRI you are a head of the game.

Simply put, we can afford to charge individuals less than a hospital or large imaging center because we pay less for office space, utilities, and other business related expenses. We have direct relationships with referring physicians, chiropractors, and other strategic partners, so we don’t spend a lot on marketing either.

We love being able to pass these savings on to our patients. One thing we haven’t compromised is our values or dedication to providing a fast, friendly, and professional service. Whether you utilize your health insurance coverage or are just paying for your services out-of-pocket, everyone wins.

What is the difference between a standard MRI and an advanced MRI?

A standard MRI uses a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images of the structures inside the body without surgery or ionizing radiation (x-rays). MRI technology can “see” inside the bones as well as provide a clear picture of soft tissues and organs.

As good as a standard MRI image is, the image can be improved even further by adding contrast. In an advanced MRI, a dye called contrast is injected intravenously into your vein. Tumors and other abnormalities will absorb the contrast dye as it progresses through your blood vessels, and this area will be highlighted on the MRI scan. This allows for the detection of even the smallest abnormalities, as well as which organs or tissues are involved. In addition, contrast allows a doctor to observe functional abnormalities that are not visible on a regular scan, particularly problems with how well your blood is flowing through your vessels.