We are very sorry that we are currently unable to take any patients at this time.  We are working to replace our MRI machine, a long and complicated process, and do not yet have a date when we will be able to reopen.  It is likely that it will be at least another few months.  If you need an MRI, you will need to find an alternate provider at this time.

If you need patient records, please email us at scans@northwestmri.com.  Include the patient name, date of service and your contact information. If you are not the patient or the referring doctor, please include a release, signed by the patient.  We will process all request within 14 days.

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MRI Costs in Oregon are Sky High!

A typical MRI in Oregon averages  $1,950.

(see below for our chart of the cost of an MRI in Oregon, and the national averages)

Northwest MRI offers affordable MRI’s!   We keep our costs low to save you money.  Northwest MRI is Oregon owned and operated, and we used only American doctors via tele-medicine to save on overhead.  Our pricing includes the radiology report by the board certified radiologist, so there are no surprises!

With or without insurance, you will get a quality exam, a top radiologists report, caring, friendly service, and super savings.  To get a more unbiased opinion on the cost of an MRI, check out the Bernard Health Blog, which includes the Healthcare Bluebook link. Also check out this USA Today link.


Low MRI Prices- No Hidden Fees. Compare Our Rates:

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We understand that rising health care costs affect both uninsured patients and those with high deductible plans which is why we offer medical imaging services at a low cash price. At Northwest MRI, we believe in offering solutions: affordable and quality MRI services.

We provide out-of-pocket estimates for those with health insurance so you can easily compare your health insurance estimate to our discounted flat rate fee.

Call us today at 541.570.1728 and see how we can help save you money on your MRI exam. 

Patients without Health Insurance

We know that when you pay cash, every penny counts. You want to know the cost of MRI. That’s why we are proud to be one of the most affordable MRI clinics in the Northwest. While other MRI exams can be extremely expensive, Northwest MRI offers fast, friendly, and affordable MRI services.

Call us today at 541.570.1728 to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about our fast, friendly, affordable MRI exams.

Patients with Health Insurance and High Deductible

The average cost for an MRI nationwide is upwards of $2600, plus the additional costs of expensive radiology reports. Many current medical insurance policies only cover medical imaging at 50%, which means your out-of-pocket cost can still be substantial.

Call us, and we will talk with your insurance company and tell you EXACTLY how much you’ll save.  At Northwest MRI, we can help determine your expected out-of-pocket expenses before you schedule the procedure.

Average Cost of an MRI in Oregon