Simply put, we can afford to charge individuals less than a hospital or large imaging center because we pay less for office space, utilities, and other business related expenses. We have direct relationships with referring physicians, chiropractors, and other strategic partners, so we don’t spend a lot on marketing either.
We love being able to pass these savings on to our patients. One thing we haven’t compromised is our values or dedication to providing fast, friendly, professional, and most importantly, affordable service.

Frankly, we believe health care costs really ARE out of control . . . and we’re doing something about it!  With Thousands of MRI scans completed since 2010, we are helping thousands of patients save on their health care.  The MRI exam is typically one of the most costly medical images. We’ve been able to lower the cost to a level that is manageable for most consumers. Economically determining accurate diagnosis and treatment is your goal and ours too.

Results in 24 hours!

Make an appointment for the next day, and get your results within 24 hours of your exam. That level of service is typically unavailable anywhere else.  If you’re waiting more than a week for a scan and 24 hours for results, you’re waiting way too long!  Don’t wait!  It’s important to find out if there is anything wrong as soon as possible.  Call us!

Our Staff

At Northwest MRI, our staff’s primary focus and goal is to provide you with the most professional, accurate, and affordable medical imaging services. We are ready and willing to go out of our way to reach our goal. Let us help you get the most from your health care resources.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. We believe health care should be affordable and we’re here to prove it! Call us to schedule a free consultation at 541-570-1728.

Patients without Health Insurance

We know that when you pay cash, every penny counts. That’s why we are proud to be one of the most affordable MRI clinics in the Northwest. While other MRI exams can be extremely expensive, Northwest MRI offers fast, friendly, and affordable MRI services.

Patients with Health Insurance and High Deductible or HSA

The average cost for an MRI nationwide is upwards of $2400, plus the additional costs of expensive radiology reports. Many current medical insurance policies only cover medical imaging at 50%, which means your out-of-pocket cost can still be substantial. With an HSA, you’re using your OWN money to pay for services and getting the most affordable care is important.  At Northwest MRI, we can help determine your expected out-of-pocket expenses before you schedule the procedure.

We provide out-of-pocket estimates for those with health insurance so you can easily compare your health insurance estimate to our discounted flat rate fee.

Call us today at 541.570.1728 and see how we can help save you money on your MRI exam.

Flat Rate, No Hidden Fees – Check your saving at our Pricing Page.