We Will Estimate Your Out of Pocket Costs – and You SAVE

The purpose of our personal savings estimate, is to help you determine your TOTAL out-of-pocket expense for the MRI Scan you are getting when using your insurance coverage. This is really important so you’re not surprised later with costs you are responsible for that your insurance company did not cover.

We call your insurance so you don’t have to!

Call us at 541 570-1728!  We will call your insurance company and get you a no-obligation savings estimate.

You will need to provide us your insurance information, including

  • Insurance Name
  • Subscriber Name
  • Subscriber ID
  • Your Insurance company’s phone number
  • Your group number
  • The exam requested by your doctor


Deductibles are Often More than Northwest MRI’s Fixed Rate!

In many cases, you have a deductible or co-pay you may be responsible for before your insurance coverage kicks in. In addition, your insurance company typically cover medical imaging at a percentage of the total cost. Many are at 50%. (this will be determined by the estimate). For example: If the total cost of the exam is $1900, (Oregon MRI average cost), you would be responsible for $950, plus co-pays or deductibles. Potentially more, if the Radiology report is kept separate.

In this example, our $599 flat rate price would save you $350.

Once we determine what your estimated TOTAL out-of-pocket expense will be using your insurance coverage at another facility, you can compare it with Northwest MRI flat rate price to determine which will provide you with the most affordable option.

Although we can’t guarantee benefit or payment from your insurance, historically, our comparison pricing has proven to be fairly accurate. Our intent is to provide you with the most accurate information so you are able to make the best informed, and economical decision regarding your health care. This is only an estimate of benefits.

Email us for a Personal Savings Estimate


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Your Message: Please let us know what your needs are. We will contact you the next day to confirm and to securely ask for your insurance information (if needed). Thank you for contacting Northwest MRI, your local MRI Imaging Center who cares.

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Please pardon our work, our website is being updated.

One important note as we are making our changes, WE DO NOT BILL MEDICAL INSURANCE AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICARE OR MEDICAID. 

We are happy to provide you with a simple document that will give you all you need to submit a claim to your insurance, but we do not submit claims ourselves.  We are able to offer the low pricing we do, because we are a direct access provider.  If you find any mention of our billing insurance, on our web site, please disregard.  We will be removing it soon.

*We WILL continue to bill auto insurance Personal Injury Protection accounts for those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.