We will bill most all Oregon insurance carriers.

We bill insurance! One more way we can make this work for you is to have us bill your insurance company. Because you will be having us bill your insurance company and will not be taking advantage of our “everyday flat rate” price, we will be charging your insurance company $1200. Because we will be waiting to receive our complete payment our cost for services is a bit higher and yet substantially lower than most “in-network” providers to you and your insurance company. If it is determined that your insurance provider will cover your MRI at 50%, you will only be responsible for the remaining 50%, or $600 at the time of service.

Call us to determine if we bill your insurance, and for a no obligation Personal Savings Estimate  541 570 1728

We will give you a personal savings estimate- with no obligation. Give us a call.

Insurance that we bill:

Northwest MRI accepts virtually all insurance plans; however, we may not be preferred providers for all plans. Our billing and insurance personnel are available to assist you with any questions. Please call the center with the information on your insurance card. If we are not a preferred provider for your plan, we will match the in-network benefits of any plan the law allows.

Please contact us if you need help with your insurance questions.  541-570-1728

See Typical Savings:

Typical Insurance

High Deductible

Be careful not to wait till after you’ve received the final bill to find out what you’ll pay. At Northwest MRI, our pricing is typically less than many insurance covered care plans. Because the cost of the Radiologist is included, you will come out on top most of the time. We will provide you with a copy of your receipt to submit to your insurance company to be applied toward your deductible and/or get a reimbursement check. Call us and let us help you determine how to save the most on your MRI.

Northwest MRI is not able to bill Medicare and HMO plans.