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Our Prime objective is to provide you with the most affordable option.

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We Bill Insurance, You Can Save Hundreds

Now accepting Samaritan Health Plans with First Choice Health Network!

Do You Accept Health Insurance?

YES,  Northwest MRI will bill insurance for you.  However, we maintain insurance claim forms for most major insurance providers in Oregon and as a courtesy; we will submit your insurance claim.  Northwest MRI does not participate in Medicare, Medicaid or any private insurance program.


No Insurance, No Problem

Low Cash Prices- No Hidden Fees

MRI with NO Insurance. We understand that rising health care costs affect both uninsured patients and those with high deductible plans which is why we offer medical imaging services at a low cash price. At Northwest MRI, we believe in offering solutions: affordable and quality MRI services.

Patients without Health Insurance

We know that when you pay cash, every penny counts. That’s why we are proud to be one of the most affordable MRI clinics in the Northwest. While other MRI exams can be extremely expensive, Northwest MRI offers fast, friendly, and affordable MRI services.

Call us today at 541.570.1728 to make an appointment for our high quality, low overhead MRI exam whether you have insurance or no insurance at all!

Flat Rate, No Hidden Fees – Check your saving at our Pricing Page.

Quality Scans, Personalized Service:

MRI Scans in Oregon require a Doctor’s referral. We will happily manage the process and paperwork for you.

Scans and radiology reports will be delivered directly to your doctor within 24 hours!